Postponing & Rearranging Games

If a team cannot raise enough players for a game, the match should be postponed.  “Enough players” is strictly defined as 4, which means that postponements should be rare. Ideally, teams will work together to make sure all games get played to the satisfaction of both teams, which may sometimes involve some compromise (eg switching the venue), but the following rules are in place for when the game can’t be played, and an agreement can’t be reached.

In the following, the Offending Team/Captain always refers to the team who could not attend the original match.

In exceptional circumstances, eg a refusal to play a match, the Committee will decide upon a resolution based upon the specific details of the situation.

It is the responsibility of the captains involved to inform any affected venues of the change in plans.  The League itself is in no way responsible for any financial loss from a venue (eg prepared food that is no longer required).

Informing the opposition

The captain of the team who can’t attend must inform the opposition captain 48 hours before the match is due to be played, or else the opposition captain may immediately claim a walkover.  The opposition captain may, if they wish, still accept a rearrangement.  The offending captain must also inform either the League Chairman or the League Secretary within the same time.

Rearranging games

As long as more than 48 hours’ notice is provided, or if the opponent still wishes to play the match, the game should be rearranged.  The offending captain should offer the opposition captain a choice of alternative dates to ensure that the match be played within 4 weeks of the originally planned date, or within 1 week of the end of the season (or phase of the season), whichever occurs sooner. In exceptional circumstances an extension to this period may be allowed by the League Chairman or the League Secretary.

If the opposing captain agrees to one of these dates, the League Chairman or the League Secretary should be informed as soon as possible, and results submitted within 48 hours of the game being played.  If the opposing captain can’t accommodate any of the dates offered, and an agreement can’t be reached, the game should be counted as a walkover in favour of the non-offending team.

The game is not played, and the offending team receives -6 (minus six) points, while the opponents receive 14 points.  No individual stats are recorded.