Match Basics

Start of the Match

Matches must begin by 8:30pm at the latest, but may be started early if both captains agree to do so.

The main match board is officially available to the away team from 8pm, unless agreed with the home team.

For a match to be ready to start, both team captains are responsible for ensuring the full list of available players for the match are publicly displayed, ie including any players who may be playing at any point during the match – if a player’s name is left off the list at the point of a draw, they cannot be introduced for any subsequent draws.

All legs are double-out (none are double-in).

For details on how the Draw is performed, see The Draw.

Match Format

Game Format First throw
Triples 1 3 players per side, 601, single leg. Away
Triples 2 Home
Pairs 1 2 players per side, 501, best of 3 legs Away
Pairs 2 Home
Pairs 3 Away
Singles 1 501, best of 3 legs Home
Singles 2 Away
Singles 3 Home
Singles 4 Away
Singles 5 Home
Singles 6 Away



The chalker is responsible for both scoring and chalking.  If an electronic board is to be used, it must be able to display at least the last 4 scores by both players.

Legs for and against are counted in the total match result.  For recording scores, see Scorecards.