We have a number of competitions that are played throughout the season. Requests for entries will be posted on the Facebook Group a few weeks before each comp, with the cut off generally 1 week before. When entries are to be split between multiple venues, random allocation will be drawn in public at least 1 week before the competition. Actual draws will be made on the night, with redraws each round.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, venues (and the dartboards themselves) will be available from 8pm at the latest, with the registration and draw at 8:15, and play commences at 8:30. Arriving after 8:15 means it is highly likely you will not be able to enter. An adjudicator will be allocated for each competition/venue.

There are some basic details below. The format refers to the early rounds – there may be additional legs in the later stages. Competitions are generally played to the last 2 or 4 players/teams, for the finals themselves to be played on Finals Night – the exact details of this are often worked out on the night itself, dependent on speed of progress.

Whoever loses a match is responsible for making themselves available for scoring (or finding a scorer for) the next match that evening, as directed by the adjudicator. Failure or refusal to do so will likely result in suspension from future competitions (as decided by the Committee).

Name Type Format Stats Counted
Singles Standard 501 Bo3 501 Yes
DIDO Double In, Double Out Bo3 501 No
Blind Pairs Assigned a partner at random Bo3 401 No
Pairs Enter with a Partner Bo3 501 No
Triples Enter with 2 others Bo3 501 No