Player Conduct

It should go without saying that all players are expected to be respectful and courteous of each other.  Captains should view themselves as accountable for the conduct of the players in their team.

Where problems arise, the League Chairman should be directly informed by the captain of the team who wish to raise the complaint.  Both captains involved will be spoken to, as well as possibly any other people who were involved, in order to ascertain details, and if no simple solution may be found, or if either captain is not satisfied with the outcome, then the matter will be taken to the Committee for resolution.

The League will always try to be fair, but possible sanctions may involve:

  • Player Suspension
  • Player Bans
  • Team Points Deductions
  • Team Bans

These sanctions will always be viewed as a last resort.  We would much prefer it if we never have to refer to this section of the rules!