This website produces a certain amount of game stats, partly for clarity of results, and partly for fun!

To enable us to do this, we need a few extra details recorded in the Scorecards, but have tried to keep it as pain-free as possible. Scorecards should be return within 48 hours of the match at the latest.

Download The Scorecard Template

As an example for filling the card out, below is an ideal example. For ease of publishing to the site, then including full names, and having clear writing really helps.  The running score on the right is more for your own benefit (it was a request from some teams, to make it easier to keep track) but it is sometimes used to compare results from the opposing teams if there are discrepancies.

The most common problems seem to be:

  • Missing off the score for Singles 6 (this actually happens a LOT! Probably because it’s the end of the evening!
  • Not putting in zeros for triples and doubles players (we need that info so we can who who played, as well as other stats (eg Pairs Stats)
  • Unreadable photos – the bigger and clearer they are, the easier it is to read, of course!

Note that Least Darts is 20 or fewer, and High Finish is 100+

Currently there are no sanctions in place for issues with returned scorecards, however recurring issues would result in the Committee revising this.