Blind Pairs - 30/09/2019

Entry Cut-off Date: 19/09/2019

Format: Doubles, 601, Bo3

Get a partner picked at random from all the entrants


Mixed Pairs - 30/03/2020

Entry Cut-off Date: 19/03/2020

Format: Doubles, 601, Bo3

Find a partner of the opposite sex to blame when you lose (Jolly Brickmakers & Chestnut)


Team Knockout - 27/04/2020

Entry Cut-off Date: 16/04/2020

Format: 701 Bo3, 6 players per team rotating

Premier League @ SPCC Championship @ Monson Club


Over 60s and Jodie Lower Singles - 08/06/2020

Entry Cut-off Date: 28/05/2020

Format: Singles, 501, Bo3

JL Singles @ Smallfield VC Over 60s at Godstone


Captains & Secretaries - 15/06/2020

Entry Cut-off Date: 04/06/2020

Format: Singles, 501, Bo3

Captains at the Garibaldi Secretaries at Godstone


Semi-Finals & Finals Night - 22/06/2020

Entry Cut-off Date: 11/06/2020


Where the good people get to play against each other!


Roy Cook Triples - 25/10/2021

Entry Cut-off Date: 14/10/2021

Format: Triples, 701, Bo3

Show off that you have 2 whole friends to play with!


Pairs - 29/11/2021

Entry Cut-off Date: 18/11/2021

Format: Varies

Find a partner to blame when you lose


Les Marsh Singles - 17/01/2022

Entry Cut-off Date: 06/01/2022

Format: Singles, 501, Bo3

The main league singles comp, with qualifiers going through to play at Finals Night


Double In Double Out - 21/02/2022

Entry Cut-off Date: 10/02/2022

Format: Singles, 401, Bo3

Double In, Double Out. Or neither, while you watch your opponent win...